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Margie Smeer Senior editor

Real Hide IP is a simple and effective application that allows you to conceal your IP address and change it with a fake one. The fake one that hides the real IP can be from any other country you prefer, as this app lets you choose the country of the fake IP if you pay for its full version.
Using this tool you will be able to avoid websites or other third-parties from knowing your real geographical location and online identity, as the fake IP will point them to a wrong track. Therefore it's a great tool to protect yourself against having your identity and privacy put at risk. Furthermore, you can use this tool to bypass bans and restrictions assigned to your IP or to your geographical location by forums, blogs, websites, and so on.

Real Hide IP is also easy to use, as it comes with a very simple, intuitive and straightforward interface. It also looks modern and elegant. This tool also comes with handy additional features, such as the possibility to have the fake IPs automatically changed every couple of minutes. I also like that it can be configured to work only with certain web browsers. Unfortunately, only Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera are supported at the moment.

Cutting long story short, Real Hide IP is a really handy IP-hiding tool that helps you surf the web anonymously and protect your online identity. It comes with a free trial period of only one day, so make sure to test it both thoroughly and quickly at the same time.


  • Easy to use.
  • Lets you choose the country of the fake IP address.
  • Can change automatically the fake IP every few minutes.


  • Free trial version of only one day.
  • Doesn't support filtering out Google Chrome.

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Facebook comments

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    Guest Last year

    I have purchased Real HIde iP, and when I hide my IP, the Internet stops working, as soon as I stop hiding, it works again. What could it be?

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